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Basic Playlist   Mountain Dulcimer Society of Dayton

Song/Tune                                      Page #           Book

1) Mississippi Sawyer                    27                   Yellow

2) Oh, Susannah                             69                    Yellow

3) Golden Slippers                         13                    Yellow

4) The Boatman                             57                    Yellow

5) Susanna Gal                               50                   Yellow

6) Medley:Bile Them Cabbage/  5                      Yellow 

     Liza Jane/                                  23                    Yellow

     Old Joe Clark                             29                    Yellow

7) Bonaparte’s Retreat                  7                      Yellow

8) Southwind                                 47                     Yellow

9) Whiskey Before Breakfast      51                     Yellow

10) This Land Is Your Land         120                  Blue

11) The John B. Sails                     61                     Blue


Note:  While this very basic set list can be good for many occasions that MDSD plays for, other events may call for a tailored list.  Jamming situations are mostly going around the circle, like our monthly meetings.  But performances may need a longer program, background music only, or one that includes more singing and audience participation. The most important thing we can do in any situation where we’re playing out in public is…..Have FUN!