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Welcome to the Dulcimer Doin’s Page!



Dulcimer Doin’s 2019 is over. Everyone had a great time.

       Thanks to all of you who traveled small or large distances to attend – and to those who volunteered to share their talents in workshops – and to the clubs who always make a great showing.

The Dulcimer Doin’s committee of the Mountain Dulcimer Society of Dayton can’t wait to begin plans for next year….Dulcimer Doin’s # 39 !!! 

All photos by Linda Daegele

See You Next Year!!!  

Time to mark you calendar to attend the

Mountain Dulcimer Society of Dayton’s own

Dulcimer Doin’s

Feb 21, 22, 23  2020





**To receive Dulcimer Doin’s information and registration sheets mailed or emailed directly to you, please contact Jane at the address below.



  For venue information:  Directions/MAP


Want to know more about Dulcimer Doin’s??? 


 Every February things get really exciting around the Mountain Dulcimer Society of Dayton, because that’s when our annual music retreat, Dulcimer Doin’s happens.


We gather at a wonderful venue that becomes an all-music all-the-time retreat for a whole weekend!  The emphasis is on just being together, sharing, relaxing, jamming, laughing, eating and more jamming!!  There will be workshops that are planned ahead, and those that may spontaneously erupt!


Dulcimer Doin’s takes place at the Spiritual Center in Maria Stein, Ohio, and we have the whole place to ourselves.  Lots of space for quiet time, or to find that special corner to gather with some friends to chat or to play some tunes…  Meals are provided.


Rooms are two-person shared accommodations, or private rooms. Stay for the whole weekend, or just come as a Commuter for Saturday.


So, come along!  Make some music…..make some friends…..have a great time at Dulcimer Doin’s !


Please check out the pictures below to see what kind of fun we get into.


 Take a virtual tour of Dulcimer Doin’s, with these photos of a recent Dulcimer Doin’s.  You’ll see lots of folks having a great time and making lots of music!